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Our Curriculum

Each term we publish our curriculum online to help parents and carers follow and support their child’s learning. Whilst the National Curriculum describes subject areas, we do not teach all of the curriculum in subject packages. Many elements will be covered in a more integrated way.

We also have a four year rolling programme of Curriculum Enrichment including a year for:

  • Health and Fitness
  • The Arts
  • Science, Design & Technology and Computing
  • Citizenship

Science & Technology Year 2017-18

As part of our curriculum, we have a four year rolling programme of enrichment. This ensures that children have the opportunity to be immersed in special enrichment opportunities relating to The Arts, Sport and Fitness, Science and Technology and Citizenship.

2017-2018 is a Science and Technology Year with a focus on:

  • Design and Technology – woodwork skills and use of tools
  • Computing – programming

Each year we celebrate with a large-scale community event giving children and families the opportunity to try new activities and experiences. Our Enrichment Year ‘Community Days’ are held on a Saturday and due to successful grant funding applications, historically we have been able to enable local families to attend for free.

2015 Citizenship Community Day

‘The Festival of Nations’ banner parade

2016 Sport and Fitness Community Day

‘Olympic Carnival’ skate park

2017 Arts Community Day

‘A moment in time’ Colourscape

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